Long exposure of a log suspended the Snoqualmie River at Three Forks Nature Area

Three Forks Nature Area, North Bend, Washington

I don't know how people do this every day for an entire year. Its only been a week and I've already resorted to shoving my camera in the face of a dandelion puffball and used a VND filter on a 🤬🤬🤬 log in the river. TWICE.

Ya wanna know what the worst thing about shooting this is? The log isn't fixed. As in not holding fast, not immobilized, but to the naked eye, seems so. But no, that sumbitch is being moved around by the water. Ever so slightly. And when you slap 8 stops of ND in front of your camera to make the river look more interesting than it is, and expose the whole scene for a few seconds, its gonna show. And then your casual I-shot-this-while-walking-the-dog 365 photo turns into a highly undesired editing project, albeit a brief one.

Also, there were baby Geese. I'm not showing you because geese are obnoxious and goslings are probably the only fugly winged baby in the animal kingdom. Seriously. Bat babies are cuter.