and really, not much of a surprise

Outdoor Photographer has been, by all indications, dragging its feet on contributor payments for months (years?), and Madavor Media decided to cut the cord and dump the property off as part of a package deal to an apparently incompetent, narcissistic vulture, the owner of the BeBop media platform. As the name suggests, the purchase makes sense when you consider Madavor also held JazzTimes in its portfolio. Also impacted: Digital Photo Pro and Imaging Resource.

Would new management ride to the rescue, revitalize a troubled print mag with a diminished but devoted following, make its contributors whole, and inspire its staff?


BeBop impresario Gregory Royal wasted no time in declaring Outdoor Photographer to be mismanaged, kicked sand in its contributors faces for the apparently enabling sin of continuing to contribute to it, and then shut it down put it up for sale. Classy!

I feel like I've seen this movie before.